This OneTouch Store currently does not accept insurance. Click for details

Buying OneTouch® Products Through Insurance

The OneTouch® Store does not accept insurance. If you have purchased items from the OneTouch® Store and have insurance, you can submit your provided sales receipt along with your prescription to your insurance provider to see if your purchase qualifies for reimbursement. LifeScan, Inc. is not liable for any purchase made that is not covered by your insurance, please check with your insurance provider on covered prescriptions before making your purchase.

To purchase OneTouch® Products from a company that may work directly with your insurance provider, please contact LifeScan Customer Service at 800-227-8862.*

*OneTouch® Products are available at pharmacies, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) stores, Mail Order/Home Delivery Suppliers, Long Term Care facilities or other places where diabetes products are sold. LifeScan Customer Service can help you find the appropriate supplier for you. Please contact LifeScan Customer Service at 800-227-8862.